Technical Services

Totem Contracting offers a wide range of technical services related to the energy sector. Some of our technical expertise is delivered through our business partner, Tesco Group, a Saskatchewan-based company that has been servicing clients for over 30 years. With Tesco we’re able to provide cutting edge power and energy solutions in virtually any environment.

Electrical Services

Utility Distribution

  • Our electrical division specializes in industrial installation and commissioning services
  • Panel building and electrical installation services
  • We build and deliver turn-key control buildings
  • We provide power system engineering services
  • Our industrial division provides motor rewinding and generator maintenance services
  • Our manufacturing division provides heavy industrial welding and metal fabrication, and we take pride in our diverse fleet of mobile welding equipment
  • We are home to Saskatchewan’s largest stress relieving furnace; our automation is a systems integrator that is focused on power system design and consultancy services, with a particular focus on IEC 61850
  • Industrial HVAC and building automation and security solutions

Smart Grid Consulting

Smart Grid Consulting

  • Interconnection and Coordination of Renewable Energy Resources such as Wind & Solar
  • Development of functional and technical design specifications
  • IEC61850 systems integration services
  • IEEE Standards liaison services

We are responsive to your project needs based on our values, and in making sincere commitments and following through until the job is completed to the highest standard.

We look forward to bringing innovative solutions to your project.