Aboriginal Consulting

Aboriginal Consulting
Totem is dedicated to projects providing opportunities for Aboriginal youth

Totem facilitates small and large scale projects between Saskatchewan industry leaders and Aboriginal communities. Our focus is on building relationships in a manner that respects the land, environment, rights and cultures of Saskatchewan’s First Nations people.

We value the importance of building relationships with the communities in which we work, Aboriginal groups and businesses, industry and government partners, landowners, suppliers of goods and services, and entrepreneurs.  We recognize that building and earning trust from you is essential to who we are as a company and to enhancing our ability for growth, continued improvement and positive change.

Aboriginal Relations and Engagement

  • Helping to develop improved relationships between Aboriginal communities, governments and industry
  • Facilitating development of improved relationships and opportunities for employment, business development, community investment and community engagement
  • Developing joint initiatives with governments and industry to improve education and training opportunities
  • Helping to establish joint ventures and partnerships between Aboriginal businesses and non-Aboriginal businesses
  • Aboriginal awareness learning

Management and Facilitation Services

  • Professional project management services
  • Developing policies and procedures
  • Implementation of strategic plans working towards community vision and goals
  • Negotiations between Aboriginal communities, governments and industry
  • Establishment of agreements between Aboriginal communities, governments and industry

Economic and Business Development

  • Assistance with implementing community economic development plans and developing new initiatives
  • Proposal writing for program funding and initiatives
  • Reviewing existing policies and proceduresWriting policy and procedures

Training and Support Services

  • Aboriginal Awareness Training
  • Proposal writing and securing funds