Who is Totem Contracting?

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Totem is committed to facilitating opportunities for First Nations communities to participate in the emerging renewable energy sector

Based in Regina, Saskatchewan we are an Aboriginal owned company with a focus on building relationships.

We value the importance of building relationships with the communities in which we work, Aboriginal groups and businesses, industry partners, landowners, suppliers of goods and services, and entrepreneurs. We recognize that building and earning trust from you is essential to who we are as a company and also to enhancing our ability for growth, continued improvement and positive change.

We strive to develop a scalable model that creates symbiotic relationships between Aboriginal and Non-Aboriginal stakeholders, which enables Totem to offer sustainable, cost-effective construction and consulting services within Saskatchewan.

We are responsive to your project needs based on our values, and in making sincere commitments and following through until the job is completed to the highest standard.


Climate change has prompted world leaders to rethink the global energy spectrum. In Canada, both Federal and Provincial leaders have made strong commitments to advancing the development of renewable energy and green technologies. SaskPower has also recently committed to a target of 50% renewable energy by the year 2030. This poses a tremendous opportunity for Saskatchewan’s indigenous peoples to meaningfully participate in the renewable energy sector, and emerge as a leader in the field not only in Saskatchewan, but Canada and the world.

Our Mission

Through our strategic partnerships Totem is committed to providing 100% Saskatchewan solutions
Through our strategic partnerships Totem is committed to providing 100% Saskatchewan solutions

We aim to establish a strategic alliance of business-savvy, progressive indigenous partners that are interested in diversifying their investment portfolio through renewable energy project development.

Together we can increase indigenous participation in an emerging industry sector, and unify our efforts to create a better tomorrow for our children. To empower the Aboriginal community by leveraging our strong network of Aboriginal and Non-Aboriginal companies, while providing our clientele with a single point of contact to assist in the management and execution of their Aboriginal strategies.

Our group, along with our partners will achieve its purpose by advancing competitive renewable energy projects that generate attractive financial returns for First Nations’, create local employment and training opportunities, and provide environmental benefits (reduced GHG emissions).

All with a 100% Saskatchewan solution.

Our Values

Collaboration across Aboriginal and Non-Aboriginal communities is fundamental to our success. We value the power of having a strong, intertwined network of suppliers and contractors. Our ability to generate a consensus between these stakeholders is what underwrites our value proposition of offering high-quality deliverables at a competitive price, while maximizing Aboriginal content.

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